Have you ever found yourself in a CRAZY rush and you run out of the house and you're like... "CRAP!  I didn't even  eat!"

Well, not to worry, I've got a good solution for you on that. Today we're doing sous vide EGG BITES.

Fill your sous vide and set the temp to 185F Cut off the tip of a carrot Rub your mold with oil Add fresh or dried herbs to the mold

Fill the mold with egg whites

Egg whites from a carton are easier to use.

Remember the carrot tip???

use the carrot tip to plug the mold if it has a hole like this one.

Then it goes into a plastic bag, take out the air, and sous vide it for 1 hour.

Let's see how these turned out... These are the perfect grab and go snacks because they don't leave crumbs!

Spice them up with Tajin or your favorite hot sauce!