Boos Butcher Blocks New Factory Showroom & Outlet

Boos Butcher Blocks New Factory Showroom & Outlet

We have a new neighbor in town (Effingham IL intersection of Hwy. 70 & 57) and we couldn’t be happier to have them!  The Boos Butcher Block Factory Showroom & Outlet is the Firefly Grill’s new next door neighbor.  Over 5000 square feet of showroom floor featuring new products, deep discount factory seconds, monthly specials, and on site engraving.  Hidden behind chic barn doors, they’ve created a beautiful conference center.  Near their stainless-steel merchandise, they have a video lounge where customers can sit, enjoy a cup of coffee and watch a short video of their 130+ history. 

Inside the Boos factory showroom

For the record, this is not a sponsored post for John Boos & Co. or their new Factory Showroom & Outlet.  I’m simply a huge fan.  In fact, I’ve been a fan before I even knew Boos was Boos.  Do you believe in fate?  I never did, not until I met my husband, Jerry.  Little did I know, my very first Boos butcher block was foreshadowing of my life to come.  I know, I know.  It sounds corny, but get a load of this…

Inside Boos factory showroom

20 years ago (as of this October 2018) when I married my previous husband, we received multiple wedding gifts of only one thing.  It was a maple 12-inch footed butcher’s block.  We got 3 of them.  I returned 2 and kept one.  In the divorce, one of the few things I took with me was that butcher block.  I loved it (still do) and was using it daily when Jerry and I met 4 years later.  While we were dating, I kept thinking, “Effingham?… Effingham?… why does that sound familiar?”  One day while washing the butcher block, I flipped it upside down and their it was:  Boos made in Effingham, IL.

Boos Butcher Block from Effingham IL
My first Boos Butcher Block that foreshadowed my life in Effingham, IL

The Firefly Grill is a big fan of theirs too and they have been since they opened their doors in 2006. Not only do they work on John Boos & Co. stainless steel work surfaces in the kitchen, but most of their tables were also built by them and bare their logo. 

Boos butcher block tables at Firefly Grill Effingham IL

Many times, Kristie and Niall will show their deep appreciation for being a part of a couple’s wedding, reception, engagement party, or another momentous milestone by presenting them with a Boos butcher block that has been branded and personalized from the Firefly Grill.  When the Firefly heads to a food festival, like the Chicago Gourmet Baconfest, they showcase their culinary artistry on specially engraved mini Boos blocks.  I love to make a Charcuterie Board on mine aside from just chopping up my veggies.

A cutting board loaded down with tons of meats, cheese, fruit and nuts
Click on the picture and check out How to Make a Charcuterie Board for your next party, picnic or date night!

Now the Boos Factory Showroom & Outlet has a dedicated onsite engraver.  If you have a Boos butcher block from home, bring it in and Cody will engrave it for you. 

Several boos butcher blocks with engraving samples

Currently, if you purchase something on the showroom floor they are offering 30% off the normal engraving price.  These make great gifts for hard to buy for friends and family, and they make awesome gifts for weddings, retirement, birthdays… you name it!  Depending on what you’d like engraved, prices range from $20 to $200 or over.  Typically, this process can be done under an hour.  Why not pop into the Firefly for lunch while Cody does your engraving?  After lunch, pick it up and you’re back on the road.

Inside Boos factory outlet showroom

The other fun thing about this outlet is, it is a true outlet.  Run into an “Outlet” and many times, it’s simply a retail store.  The Boos Factory Showroom & Outlet is different.  When they were located across town, I found a beautiful walnut remnant for our kitchen counter at a fraction of the original cost.  I keep it well-oiled and I love it! 

Branding Boos logo into counter tops
Thank you Norbert for coming over and branding our Boos butcher block counters with the logo.

Branding Boos logo into counter tops

They still offer these kinds of pieces in their new location.  When you come in, ask about their monthly specials and make sure you check out the back room for their factory seconds for HUGE savings too! 

Boos factory showroom room of seconds

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show on cable, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Boos butcher block.  What most people don’t know is the John Boos & Co. started here in Effingham, IL in a blacksmith shop in 1887.  Conrad Boos was a blacksmith and built what would become the original Boos Block to absorb the shock of his hammer against his anvil. 

portrait of Conrad Boos and his butcher block
Conrad Boos, courtesy of John Boos Co.

A local butcher saw it and became enamored with owning one for his meat market.  Soon after that, Conrad’s son, John, built one and sold it to him.  That single act of ingenuity started their 130+ year journey of serving customers as a butcher-block company. 

Circa 1941, men at work at John Boos Co factory.
This picture was taken in 1941, here are men at work at John Boos Co factory, courtesy of John Boos & Co.

To read more about the Factory Showroom & Outlet and the fascinating history behind the John Boos & Co., check out their website

Next time you’re passing through the cross roads of 70 & 57, down here in southern central Illinois, jump off the road and stretch your legs.  Have fun checking out the new Boos Factory Showroom & Outlet, have lunch at the Firefly, and enjoy your road trip! 

truck bill board advertising the new Boos showroom


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