End Childhood Hunger with No Kid Hungry

End Childhood Hunger with No Kid Hungry

The Issue: Too Many Kids are Hungry

1 in 6 kids in America face hunger, all across the United States, in every community, even here in ours.  That’s why Firefly Grill and John Boos & Co. have teamed up to help with No Kid Hungry.

young boy having school breakfast

We live in the most affluent country in the world.  We have plenty of food.  There are also numerous effective programs to feed children.  So, where’s the breakdown?  Why do we still have so many hungry kids?  The problem is not enough families have access to the programs.  No Kid Hungry is a campaign that’s fixing that.

2 young girls with school lunches
Photo Credit: www.nokidhungry.org

The Solution: No Kid Hungry

Firefly Grill and John Boos & Co have joined a movement of teachers, chefs, parents, lawmakers, community leaders, and CEOs with a shared belief: no child in America should go hungry.  No Kid Hungry works with schools and community centers to provide afterschool meals and summer meals when school is out.  They also reach out to parents and caregivers, giving them ideas on how to shop and cook healthy and affordable meals.  In short, No Kid Hungry works within communities to identify and eliminate barriers that may prevent children from accessing existing meal programs that are already in place.

teacher helping kids bag food
Photo Credit: www.nokidhungry.org

How Firefly Grill & John Boos & Co. are helping out

Recently I sat in with Firefly’s owners, Kristie and Chef Niall, along with John Boos & Co. Graphic Designer Meng Veng and President, CEO Joe Emmerich to discuss how their joint effort could bring more awareness and aid to end childhood hunger.

After your meal at the Firefly, you can donate any dollar amount to No Kids Hungry.  Anyone who gives over $25 will receive an engraved cutting board from John Boos & Co. as a Thank You gift for joining in the effort to end child hunger.

Boos butcher block with Firefly Grill and No Kid Hungry
Photo credit: John Boos & Co. Meng Veng

Chef Niall, along with his daughter Camden his petite chef in training, has created a Mindful Kids’ Menu for fireflies 12 and under.  It’s full of healthy choices and exciting sides that allow little fingers to explore fun tastes and textures.  And yes, everything on the Mindful Kids’ Menu are definitely Camden approved.

Niall and Camden cooking in their kitchen

How you can help out too

By donating directly to No Kid Hungry on your check at the end of your meal you’ll be helping kids right here in our community.  And as a special Thank You from John Boos & Co., if you donate $25 or more you will be presented with unique Boos cutting board too.

Camden's on her dad's shoulders leaning down to hug mom

I hope you join all of us here at the Firefly Grill and John Boos & Co. help put an end to childhood hunger here in our community and across the nation with No Kid Hungry!



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