Rooster’s Coconut Cake

Rooster’s Coconut Cake

We recently moved into a new house and my husband and I have been taking our weekends to unpack the last remaining boxes.  Fortunately, we’ve gotten to the last two or three.  Unfortunately, these are the boxes that have been shuffled around unopened year after year, left neglected, and sad to say, mostly forgotten.  I cringe to admit it, but last weekend I opened a box that has been sealed for nearly 2 decades.  Yikes!!!  In it, I found some pictures of a girls’ trip I took with my aunts and cousins to Charlotte, N.C. right around this time of year about 20 years ago.  Then I stumbled on this coconut cake from Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen in Charlotte at my parents’  house when I was visiting and I just had to share it with you.  It’s perfect for Easter.


Unlike the Frankinbunny I made a couple years ago.  Be afraid… very afraid.

Not so bad from this angle.

Coconut easter bunny cake

But this angle???  Yikes!!!  Run away!!!  Protect the women and children!!!

Coconut Frankin-bunny cake
Scary coconut Frankin-bunny cake from 2012

Rooster’s coconut cake, however, will not traumatize young children.  

Just remember, this cake is suppose to be super moist, WET even, kind of like a tres leche cake.  The thing I love most about it is that it is very coconutty, and the cream cheese frosting really balances the uber sweetness of the coconut.  It’s light and creamy and I could eat the whole thing by myself.  (Everybody better get home quick!)

Rooster's super moist coconut cake

Make this little darling a day or two ahead so it has plenty of time to firm up in the refrigerator.  That may be the hardest thing about it… the waiting.  I really want to grab a fork as I pass by the fridge and eat a little bite… and another little bite… and another.  No one will notice this large heaping crater on the side of it, right?

Believe me, it tastes as good as it looks.

Next week: M’s Parmesan Garlic Salad

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