Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Once a year in September, Mid America Motorworks puts on a huge Corvette festival aptly named… FUNFEST!  It’s a Blast!  Hundreds, really more like thousands, of people drive their new and vintage Corvettes from all over the country to display them at Mid America Motorworks.  Aside from all the cool cars, they have seminars, do body work & installations, rockin’ entertainment (literally!) and tons more.  So when they asked me to give a little info session on Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks, I was like… Oh Heck Yeah!!! 

Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks – Fundamentals

Before you even start thinking about food, make sure you have these supplies in the car:

  1. Baby Wipes – These little gems are truly wonder wipes.  They clean up sticky fingers, clean your dashboard and remove grime from your steering wheel all while preventing diaper rash!
  2. Paper Towels
  3. Kitchen Towel(s) – if you’re eating in the car, one of these is great to spread across your lap.  Or if you’re eating at a rest stop, lay it over the picnic table to create an instant clean spot.
  4. Frozen Dry Packs – instead of filling your ice chest with ice that will melt and possible leak, use these to keep your insulated bag or chest dry and cold. Filling water bottles and freezing them is another great idea (thanks Carol!). That way, you’ve got water to drink as your bottles thaw out.
  5. Large (Gallon) Ziplock Bags – use these as containers and then as sealable trash bags.
  6. Wine Out – removes jelly stains as well as red wine stains.

When you pack your cooler or snack bag keep these tips in mind:

  1. Minimal Crumbage – look for snacks that don’t make crumbs or at the very least very few
  2. Dryness – make sure what you’re packing isn’t going to dribble down your shirt
  3. One Hand Ability – easy to eat one handed, think “finger food”
  4. Little or No Refrigeration
  5. Packs Easily – things that slip easily into sandwich baggies or can be wrapped tin foil.
  6. Pack Light – try to keep as much as possible as light weight as you can
  7. Bottom Up – put heavy items and Tupperware on the bottom, easily crushed things on top

Now What to Pack…

Here’s a Free Download of 20 Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks.  Basically all of these goodies fall into 3 categories: No Prep, No Bake, and Easy Bake.

15 easy healthy road trip snack recipes and ideas to take on the road

No Prep Road Trip Snacks

Snacks that don’t take any prep are things like fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, and dried fruit.

Easy Healthy Road Trip Snacks - cut grapes in small bunches for easy snacking

No Bake Road Trip Snacks

No Bake snacks are things that take just a little preparation that may or may not need to be refrigerated.  Fruit Kabobs, Energy Bites, No Bake Cookies, Granola Bars and Deviled Eggs are a few of recipes you’ll find in that section.

3 Energy Balls stacked up

Easy Bake Road Trip Snacks

A few of the tasty treats in the No Bake section might require some stove top action, but you definitely won’t be turning on the oven.  The Honey Glazed Walnut recipe that’s in the Easy Bake section comes together the fastest but everything in that section is all incredibly easy.  Most of them are perfect to make ahead of time too since they freeze so well.  Some of my favorites are the Sous Vide Egg White Bites, Popover Sandwiches and the Sugar Cookies!

The form is right below, if you’re wondering how to get all these recipes and tips.  I hope to see you at FunFest this year!


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