Tuscan Hills Winery

Tuscan Hills Winery

A Class and A Glass…

One of the many things I love about yoga is it meets you where you are.  It’s for all shapes, sizes, and ages.  You can do some variation of yoga just about anywhere such as in your chair at work, standing line at the grocery store, or even while doing dishes.  This past Sunday, yoga met 43 people on the back lawn of Tuscan Hills Winery among their grapevines.  Oh my goodness!!!  What a fun place to do yoga!!!  I was honored to be asked to lead the class and was worried the weather would be too cold, but it wasn’t.  It was beautiful.  We had China blue skies, a cool breeze, and warm sunshine on our shoulders.

Lakeside table and Tuscan Hills Winery Yoga Class

We even had a special guest (puppy) join our group.  I was hoping she would demonstrate downward dog for us, but no luck.  She did give out free kisses to some in our group while we were lying down in a spinal twist.  (By the way, we don’t know who she belongs to.  So if she’s yours or if she looks familiar, please email me at Madalaine@Lakesidetable.com)  Thanks!  She’s sooo sweet!!!

Tuscan Hills Winery pup

tuscan hills winery pup

At the end of class, Megan did 2 drawings for a bottle of wine.  Then we all went inside to socialize over a glass (or 2) of wine.

Lakeside table and Tuscan Hills Winery Yoga Class

Thank you, everybody who came and played!  I had a wonderful time doing the class and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I did.  Please come to our next yoga “Class and a Glass” on June 12th at 6PM.  I’ll be bringing a couple of appetizers I’ve posted on the blog.  If you have any favorites, let me know by commenting below.  I love suggestions!  See you soon!


Lakeside table and Tuscan Hills Winery Yoga Class


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